Thursday, March 5, 2009

If you are going to chuck the bra at me... could you biggy size it for me...

If I were a rockstar.... and I know I am not, I would not be the drummer. I would have to be the singer... if I had a great voice.

Is it not strange how the word "singer" is pronounced. Some people drop the "s" and really pronounce the "ger", some drop the "g" and it sounds more like sinner.... Odd really.

Anywho back to me be the amazing rockstar with the great set of hooters.... oh and nobody told me the older I get the bigger they would get. My hooters that is not the rockstar fame. Well this weekend for my birthday we are having a Rockband party. I will be rocken out to all the great big hair bands... I may get a blister on my thumb from the guitar... my voice may be gone cause I have to sing loud... just so everyone in my neighbourhood knows it is my birthday... but one thing is for sure, I will not be the drummer! I for the life of me can not get my arms (hands), feet... whatever do the thing that drummers do.

Really do drummers have time to think... and some even sing at the same time.... wow. I wonder how drummers say "singer"....

Should be a great time!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shut up... is running like a loop in my head...

10 things I am surprised by...

1. ... people use facebook to pick on others
2. ... my lack of ability to set boundaries with people
3. ... how afraid I can feel just being myself
4. ... sex can cause bladder infection
5. ... how messy the house can get in such a short time
6. ... how much I can dislike a person and feel bad about it
7. ... why people think I would know how someone lost their weight
8. ... how people judge others easier because they lost weight
9. ... are people really that stupid that they think skinny people are nicer
10. ... how much anger I have today...