Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Results are in....

Got the results...... drum roll please........


The best the ped can tell me is that it is a learned behaviour... they are not occurring like most tics would.... such as a slow repetitive behaviour (is what is happening) and with most tics they happen quickly and most like a jerk reaction. The feeling she described to the doctor is not happening the way or in the spots that most children would report this a tic....

And since one of the tics happened while the test was running there should have been something on the eeg. But there was nothing.

So for now they ruled it a "Learned behaviour" and it is just a wait and see. The ped said not to draw any attention to it and it should disappear in time.

He also said he did not think her allergies were making her finger tips peel... instead he said she was causing it to happen. She is either biting the nails and breaking her own skin or picking at them. And this could be a sign that she is bored in school or anxious. He also felt that was not a tic.

So all in all we walk away from this experience knowing that kids do strange things and really you just take one day at a time. The road ahead can not be worried about.

As a side note.... I know from personal experience that anxiety can be a learned behaviours as well. And a child learning coping skills and with age will be the tell tale sign as to weather it is true anxiety or just a learned behaviour.

Now off to reclaim my house!


Monday, November 24, 2008

10 crazy things...

Wow time has flew by. Been so crazy busy and enjoying life.

10 crazy fun things that have happened lately....

1. My golden retriever peed on the back of my new little dog. Yellow stripe right up her back. Seems the little puppy does not understand not to walk under the big dog. LMAO. (the girls screamed like the dog was being killed)

2. I change my living room furniture around again. (making room for the Christmas tree)

3. Big Daddy bought me the most beautiful flowers ... stargazers and all.

4. My girls told me what plastic surgery was. (turns out it is when they wrap plastic around your body and you don't look anything like how God made you)

5. My husband was in an accident and it was 100% his fault. ($1600 damage to our truck... no clue about the other car)

6. I got a new dishwasher, Fridge and stove! ($275 - they are 5 yrs old and the owners just wanted them gone)

7. My MIL sent one of her painters to paint my main bathroom. (looks amazing)

8. I am almost done my Christmas shopping.

9. I am still waiting on the results for my daughters EEG. GGRRR!

10. I had my hubby serve me breaky in bed! (2 mornings in a row)

Wow, has it been a crazy time.

Andrea with the indoor flip flops!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How do you dance to country???

"It's not about you.... I'm finally walking.... It's not about you..." I have no idea who sings this song (country) but I so love the words.

I really don't have anyone in my life to sing this song to But man what a cute little song.

I have been in a bit of a Country music wave lately... kinds strange. I am more of a hip hop girl. But lately I have needed music a bit more calmer, so I thought I would give the country music channel a try. Seems to have some cute songs.... and some crap I just have to shake my head at (or cut my ears off). But all in all I have to say I like it. Hubby is kinda liking not having to listen to my "yo yo yo music" as he calls it.

It is funny how different things in life are all based around music. An ex boyfriend (Frozen Ghost)... a special trip (Sitting on the dock of the bay, Mexico when I was 10) ... a special moment with a loved one ... all have music linked to them (I have a sick song in my head right now ... lol). Maybe it is just me. My parents had music playing 24/7. (Heart, ACDC.... Black Sabith) And now I do the same just a little something different and with a MUCH better sound system.

With everything that has gone on, Country music is where it is at. So does this mean in a year I will change again (big hair bands) and then one day hear a country song and think ... oh ya that was when we had the tough year.... and if so that is ok with me.... isn't that always the joke about country music? You lose your dog.... lose your truck .... then play it back words and you get it all

Well for now I shall rock out to a bit of country and then maybe next yr it will be big hair bands... isn't Bret still looking for love (Rock of Love)??? LMAO!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can I dance naked in my livingroom when I am alone...

I can not believe it is November (the trees outside my front window tell me otherwise)! This year has gone by so fast. It has not been the best year... so here is hoping it ends on a high note. I have not given much thought to Christmas shopping ... and normally I am all over it and almost done by this time of year??? But again this has not been a normal happy year for our family.

Middle child goes in for her EEG on Monday. I am happy she got in so fast... but on the flip side I am a little freaked out. I put on a brave happy face cause I know that if I don't, I may break down and not get back up. And then who will grow this little tree into a strong tree that will withstand bigger storms...

The doctor feels that she may just be mimicking a behavior.... or it could be a twitch disorder ... or it could be something more. I have a feeling that there is no quick answer here... more of a wait and see thing. He has many good reasons why he was not leaning toward a disorder.... but really, do we copy so many behaviours from other around us? So if she gets a twitch that is a cough for example... is that copying my husband that always clears his throat or is it asthma (like they have said in the past) or does she get to own it as her own twitch? And why is this happening in the first place? Should she live in a bubble... as to not pick up anyone else twitch so they can say, oh ya she does or does not have a disorder?

Well this is what I say...

She is an amazing little girl that loves animals and her family. She loves sports, knows what she wants and holds a lot in. She can read people better then most adults. And well, she does this strange thing with her eyes sometimes, and she is the best on the monkey bars. We all would be blessed to have a friend like her. And I know she will do well in life.

Don't kid yourself... I really don't want this for her... but it is what it is. And I have no time to feel sorry for her because I am busy building a strong, brilliant woman with a very supportive family. And I know the Good Lord has amazing plans for this little tree! And this too shall pass...
Naked flip flops.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TMI... just a warning...

My hubby was home yesterday for a few hours before heading back out. It is such a treat that we own our own company and work as much or as little as we like. The sucky part is at time he may work way too much cause there is too much work and then there are times where there is not enough work and well the bills get paid when they get paid. As of now there is loads of work, so life is good in the finance department.

He thought it would be such a great husband and come home and help out... and just maybe get a little action. Well he was such a great husband, my energy was at an all time low, my back hurt so bad I would like to kill anyone in our medical system for making me wait 3 months just for a call back to book my appointment (so I can wait another three months to get into the specialist), and I was just done. His help was a dream. He is such a great guy.

But here's the kicker.... the monthly visitor decided to pay a visit. She must hate me and him! So no action... just a cuddle while we sat and watched Surviverman. LOL. Thank goodness we have been married for 12 years at the end of this month.... cause big Daddy knows what happens after the visitor

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our new little girl...

I am so excited about our new little girl... Summer. My girls and I have wanted one for 2 yrs and now finally our little Maltese girl is here. She is so cute and such a good little girl.

My brother is doing a bit better... so on ward and up ward.

Better run, puppy on the move. (just like having a baby again)