Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Popping in...

Here is middle child and I having a little hike at the river by our house. It was flipping cold but so beautiful out! We saw two eagles and lots of horse poo! And the smell .... ah so yummy as all the dead fish are rotting.

I am happily going along doing my Christmas baking and shopping! 3 gifts left to purchase and 3 others on order just waiting for them to come in. Sugar cookies left to bake and a Christmas dinner left to plan. Other then that we are on the right path to a very unstressfull Christmas holiday! However if stress tries to sneak in I may take up drinking as a "self medicating" approach! Nobody has a drinking problem here!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Results are in....

Got the results...... drum roll please........


The best the ped can tell me is that it is a learned behaviour... they are not occurring like most tics would.... such as a slow repetitive behaviour (is what is happening) and with most tics they happen quickly and most like a jerk reaction. The feeling she described to the doctor is not happening the way or in the spots that most children would report this a tic....

And since one of the tics happened while the test was running there should have been something on the eeg. But there was nothing.

So for now they ruled it a "Learned behaviour" and it is just a wait and see. The ped said not to draw any attention to it and it should disappear in time.

He also said he did not think her allergies were making her finger tips peel... instead he said she was causing it to happen. She is either biting the nails and breaking her own skin or picking at them. And this could be a sign that she is bored in school or anxious. He also felt that was not a tic.

So all in all we walk away from this experience knowing that kids do strange things and really you just take one day at a time. The road ahead can not be worried about.

As a side note.... I know from personal experience that anxiety can be a learned behaviours as well. And a child learning coping skills and with age will be the tell tale sign as to weather it is true anxiety or just a learned behaviour.

Now off to reclaim my house!


Monday, November 24, 2008

10 crazy things...

Wow time has flew by. Been so crazy busy and enjoying life.

10 crazy fun things that have happened lately....

1. My golden retriever peed on the back of my new little dog. Yellow stripe right up her back. Seems the little puppy does not understand not to walk under the big dog. LMAO. (the girls screamed like the dog was being killed)

2. I change my living room furniture around again. (making room for the Christmas tree)

3. Big Daddy bought me the most beautiful flowers ... stargazers and all.

4. My girls told me what plastic surgery was. (turns out it is when they wrap plastic around your body and you don't look anything like how God made you)

5. My husband was in an accident and it was 100% his fault. ($1600 damage to our truck... no clue about the other car)

6. I got a new dishwasher, Fridge and stove! ($275 - they are 5 yrs old and the owners just wanted them gone)

7. My MIL sent one of her painters to paint my main bathroom. (looks amazing)

8. I am almost done my Christmas shopping.

9. I am still waiting on the results for my daughters EEG. GGRRR!

10. I had my hubby serve me breaky in bed! (2 mornings in a row)

Wow, has it been a crazy time.

Andrea with the indoor flip flops!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How do you dance to country???

"It's not about you.... I'm finally walking.... It's not about you..." I have no idea who sings this song (country) but I so love the words.

I really don't have anyone in my life to sing this song to But man what a cute little song.

I have been in a bit of a Country music wave lately... kinds strange. I am more of a hip hop girl. But lately I have needed music a bit more calmer, so I thought I would give the country music channel a try. Seems to have some cute songs.... and some crap I just have to shake my head at (or cut my ears off). But all in all I have to say I like it. Hubby is kinda liking not having to listen to my "yo yo yo music" as he calls it.

It is funny how different things in life are all based around music. An ex boyfriend (Frozen Ghost)... a special trip (Sitting on the dock of the bay, Mexico when I was 10) ... a special moment with a loved one ... all have music linked to them (I have a sick song in my head right now ... lol). Maybe it is just me. My parents had music playing 24/7. (Heart, ACDC.... Black Sabith) And now I do the same just a little something different and with a MUCH better sound system.

With everything that has gone on, Country music is where it is at. So does this mean in a year I will change again (big hair bands) and then one day hear a country song and think ... oh ya that was when we had the tough year.... and if so that is ok with me.... isn't that always the joke about country music? You lose your dog.... lose your truck .... then play it back words and you get it all

Well for now I shall rock out to a bit of country and then maybe next yr it will be big hair bands... isn't Bret still looking for love (Rock of Love)??? LMAO!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can I dance naked in my livingroom when I am alone...

I can not believe it is November (the trees outside my front window tell me otherwise)! This year has gone by so fast. It has not been the best year... so here is hoping it ends on a high note. I have not given much thought to Christmas shopping ... and normally I am all over it and almost done by this time of year??? But again this has not been a normal happy year for our family.

Middle child goes in for her EEG on Monday. I am happy she got in so fast... but on the flip side I am a little freaked out. I put on a brave happy face cause I know that if I don't, I may break down and not get back up. And then who will grow this little tree into a strong tree that will withstand bigger storms...

The doctor feels that she may just be mimicking a behavior.... or it could be a twitch disorder ... or it could be something more. I have a feeling that there is no quick answer here... more of a wait and see thing. He has many good reasons why he was not leaning toward a disorder.... but really, do we copy so many behaviours from other around us? So if she gets a twitch that is a cough for example... is that copying my husband that always clears his throat or is it asthma (like they have said in the past) or does she get to own it as her own twitch? And why is this happening in the first place? Should she live in a bubble... as to not pick up anyone else twitch so they can say, oh ya she does or does not have a disorder?

Well this is what I say...

She is an amazing little girl that loves animals and her family. She loves sports, knows what she wants and holds a lot in. She can read people better then most adults. And well, she does this strange thing with her eyes sometimes, and she is the best on the monkey bars. We all would be blessed to have a friend like her. And I know she will do well in life.

Don't kid yourself... I really don't want this for her... but it is what it is. And I have no time to feel sorry for her because I am busy building a strong, brilliant woman with a very supportive family. And I know the Good Lord has amazing plans for this little tree! And this too shall pass...
Naked flip flops.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TMI... just a warning...

My hubby was home yesterday for a few hours before heading back out. It is such a treat that we own our own company and work as much or as little as we like. The sucky part is at time he may work way too much cause there is too much work and then there are times where there is not enough work and well the bills get paid when they get paid. As of now there is loads of work, so life is good in the finance department.

He thought it would be such a great husband and come home and help out... and just maybe get a little action. Well he was such a great husband, my energy was at an all time low, my back hurt so bad I would like to kill anyone in our medical system for making me wait 3 months just for a call back to book my appointment (so I can wait another three months to get into the specialist), and I was just done. His help was a dream. He is such a great guy.

But here's the kicker.... the monthly visitor decided to pay a visit. She must hate me and him! So no action... just a cuddle while we sat and watched Surviverman. LOL. Thank goodness we have been married for 12 years at the end of this month.... cause big Daddy knows what happens after the visitor

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our new little girl...

I am so excited about our new little girl... Summer. My girls and I have wanted one for 2 yrs and now finally our little Maltese girl is here. She is so cute and such a good little girl.

My brother is doing a bit better... so on ward and up ward.

Better run, puppy on the move. (just like having a baby again)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My flip flops are your flip flops...

Today was a most interesting day. Not only was it the first time I left my kids (in school) in one town and drove 1.5 hours to another town, BUT it was also the first time I ever saw someone having sex on a sidewalk.

Big cities are nice to visit ... but I am sure glad our town is the size it is. The only reason why I went into the big city was to hang out with my baby brother that is (was) in the hospital. Well turns out it was a good thing I went, cause today they let him go home. His blood looked good, x-rays looked great and well to be very honest they needed the bed (I find that strange since the bed next to him was empty ... but whatever).

So after a very interesting day (I have never seen so many cracked out people in my life) I packed up my baby brother and brought him home (still in his hospital gown and a pair of flip flops).

It does kill me to see how skinny he has become and I look forward to fattening him up!

Many emotions running around my head.... but a big thank you to my girlfriend who picked up my babies and gave them a wonderful afternoon!

My brother wore the flip flops today!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quick hello...

I really enjoyed my weekend away! Scrapping, eating and laughing. Not much sleep ... but who needs sleep when you only have to look after yourself. Not me.

This is my last week of doing daycare ... kinda sad cause I will miss the little man. However I am really excited about all the things I will be able to do once again. And the extra time I will have to volunteer in the kids school.

Well I shall blog more on Wednesday....

Flip flop out!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Come on I was a kid too...

Lire, Lire pants on fire...

Oldest told a lie the other day. He said he finished his homework... folded it in half and put it in his backpack. Strange cause usually we put homework in his planner so it does not get crumpled up. So I say "Oldest ... why not put it in your planner as we always do" (the whole time thinking I am onto you buddy). Oldest says "ok", and brings homework (still folded) over to where I sit with his planner and hands it to me (the entire time looking into my eyes). I unfold the homework and say "But Oldest, you told me you were done and yet there is still one question to do? Did you lie to me?" Oldest comes clean as he sees his game is up.

So, I hand down the punishment.... ONE MONTH NO PLAY DATES, NO TV AND NO VIDEO GAMES.

I now realize I just punished myself! Ain't parenting grand!

Flip flop is gone for a much needed girls weekend of scrapping and shopping! Peace out...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pardon me while I wipe my nose, you big hunk of burning love...

My brother is done his surgery. Took longer then expected ... but all is well. They took out around 1.5 feet of intestine. I can't wait for him to feel better and for a quality of a good life to return.

Big Daddy is such a pig. It does not matter what I have on, my nose could be running, food all over me, my hair not done ... and dude still wants a little action. This at times can drive me nuts ... mostly when I am deathly ill and would rather stab myself then have one more person touch me. However in speaking with a girlfriend of mine (well actually MSNing ... so I should say typing) I realized that not all guys are like that.

I am rather shocked by this finding ... cause all my other girlfriends hubbies are the same way. They want their wives no matter what. But I do have a small circle of very sick friends! (love ya all ... you know you are all sick)

So then what happened ... was the hubby always like that I wonder (I could never ask as I don't know her that well) or is this something that happens cause a guy or girl gets board? It it regarding looks or is it all emotional? (one need not being met, leads to another)

And what happens when both of them are not being met in some way??? Could this send them down the world to cheating. And look how many people cheat on their partners ... the numbers are insane. " About one in five adults in monogamous relationships, or 22 percent, have cheated on their current partner. The rate is even higher among married men. And nearly half of people admit to being unfaithful at some point in their lives, according to the results of the Lust, Love & Loyalty survey"

It is amazing how complex we humans are. And I wonder why there is not push by some to fix the issues (like the girl I was chatting to) before cheating among other things start happening. IS it cause you are in it that you can't see the path before you????

So after chatting with my friend she ended her chat with "be thankful he comes home and wants you no matter what ... rejection sucks". Well point taken... next time I feel like crap (mommy is only allowed to be sick once a year) and want to curl up and died ... I will put getting laid and meeting his emotional needs, before curling up and dieing .... lmao!

Flip flops out...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Good times had by all at the good old Pumpkin Patch. And hello I compared last years photo to this years photo ... and Mamma has toned up! Ya hoo!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Feeling Freaky Friday ....

Here is the issue people .... and also what color should I paint my living room? (traded flip flops for the boots with the furrrrr today)
I had the coolest moment ever today.

I was volunteering in my middle child's class this morning. They were working on creative writing. Their wonderful teacher had come up with the cutest idea of making little "creative shields" so that their work was private. (basically poster board cut in half and folded into a cubical) Anywho, there was this little guy in the class that some days just has a hard time getting down to it ... but today he was all over this writing project. He was the only child sounding out his words out loud... at times he would stand ... then sit ... then stand .... man the little man was working hard. So, I walked over and told him he was ON FIRE TODAY. He looked at me with the biggest smile ... you could see the pride in his eyes. But the best part for me was .... 20 minutes later he was still writing (wow). He looked up at his teacher when she said it was time to stop and he said "I AM ON FIRE"! Man it was so super cute. Pride was just oozing off this kid. What a wonderful thing to witness today.

And people ask why I volunteer so much! Crazy not to!

Have a great weekend all. I am off to pick up (wink wink) BIG DADDY!

Andrea with the flip flops/boots with the furrrrrr

Thursday, October 16, 2008

too much coffee ... and a whole lot in my head...

I love my Mom. She is a wonderful person. We are very different people, and this makes it difficult at times to be close. (we are only 18 yrs apart)

I crave a closer relationship, but it is what it is. And I am sure my relationship with her is better then many mother/daughter relationships... but I would like more. I have been honest with her and told her what I would like. But the whole way we take life always seems to disconnect the connection. I am a doer and she is a viewer. (both are right ... just different)

Big Daddy is on his way home, after being gone since Monday morning. I am so excited. I always have to have my guard up and keep moving while he is gone ... but when he comes home he shelters me from things and really I like that at this point in my life. Man I use to be such a strong person ... but I sure see how nice it is to have someone fending for you in life. I am so blessed to have such a great husband. (a little action is in order) LOL!

I will be done with my little daycare guy at the end of this month. Due to everything going on in our life at the moment. A great friend of mine is taking him ... she will be able to do all the fun things that he deserves to do. So as of November I will start volunteering more in the children's school and take a bit more time for myself. This way I can know if there are stressers in school happening and also so I have more to give my own children at the end of the day.

Had a little "discussion" today with LA lady at my children's school. First I must say my son is having a GREAT year (amazing teachers). The teachers are very happy and the only thing he needs to work on is organization. Really that is so funny to me .... CAUSE HE IS NINE. LOL. However we shall train our 9 year old BOY how to be more organized and celebrate that his anxieties are becoming less and less.

Now back to what I was going to say ... lol... man my brain is everywhere today.... too much coffee ... Well I was reading the report from the meeting (I had one this week) and it has miss quoted me twice in it. One time even making it look like I think there is more wrong with my child. HELLO ... HOLD THE BUS PEOPLE ... I sure as heck never said that... and I don't think that. So where the heck did that come from. So I asked kindly if they (the school) feels there is more wrong... cause my ped, family doctor and MENTAL HEALTH feel he has mild anxiety and with help he should do just fine. (have to have should in there cause anxiety is not something that will go away, you are just given better coping skills .... but we must also note that anxiety is not who my child is... it is just one little part of his personality) Well the LA lady asked me if maybe I did not make myself clear ... lol. So now for the record I made myself perfectly clear! My child is going through an anxious season in his life... end of story. Life goes on.

Why is it that when I am all wishy washy I don't feel bad, but when I speak the truth and don't get pushed into things I feel bad for saying anything. I was not rude ... I did not raise my voice ...

Is it that I have an issue with speak up to teachers ... lol. How many of us are still afraid to go to the Principals office .... lol. We are all just people ...

Anywho she was very kind and called me back. Turns out they will be removing those lines from the report. She felt my child was doing very well and the over all tone for the meeting was very positive.

Yes I agree it was a positive meeting and this is why I was so surprised by the two lines in the report. But now I have made myself clear on where I stand on these issues ... perhaps I just was not clear enough cause I was afraid to hurt anyone's feelings .... but what about my child ... I can't keep going through my kids school life afraid I will upset a teacher or whoever ....

I do realize that anxiety as a label gets NO FUNDING... and that is wrong.

Well off to pick up my babies. Thanks for the vent. Did I mention my hubby is coming home!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love or Lust ... does it matter ....

I have always been a calender girl ... no not in them ... lol... I have no sugar Daddy to fix up these stretch marks ... lol. I have always lived by the calendar. But this year I turned over a new leaf and went with a hot pink day timer. My cheap $4 daytime has converted me!

Speaking of Sugar Daddies ... I was watching Much Music, and they did a show on Sugar Daddies. Are these people real? One girl grew up with the guys daughter and now the sugar daddy is with this young girl ... who I must add is 39 years younger then him.

And what about Larry King ... man that girl does deserve to have all those homes. They were even married for almost 10 years ... and had 2 kids! Sounds like they did better then some of the people that are close in age ...

So is it love or lust ...

Heck maybe I should have married for money ... then this whole issue of where to put the tree would not be, cause I would have 15 other rooms to choose from! Darn morals!

Flip flop away...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Small, but you try sleeping in a room with one...

I have a slight addiction... beyond even the chocolate addiction I have perfected... I Andrea with the Flip Flops have an addiction to moving my furniture around every 3 months. To me this does not seem like a big deal. (there has to be others out there) I think three months is a long time ... and I am not hurting anyone ... and and I just have to.

So this weekend (do to all the issue going on) Big Daddy went and purchased us a home theater system. (retail therapy for the entire family) Well now this tv is on my wall... and do to its size ... what the heck am I going to do in 3 months!!!! Where the heck am I going to put my Christmas tree.... the mother of all trees. It always goes in my Living room. But now my Living room has apparently become a theater.... where nothing can move ... and a Christmas tree has no home! Do you hear the panic in my typing. People these are real issues.... never mind all the issues of yesterday... we pretend those don't exist on a regular basis... lol.

Yes, the living room looks NICE (nice for you know having young kids that will wreck anything in their path)... but in 3 months I will be board of the look and want to change it... and then I will see the tv ... and it will drive me nuts. Like a mosquito in your room at night (just try falling asleep with the thing buzzing). Just a small thing ... but it can sure bug the heck out of ya! (no pun intended here folks)

So when the end of November hits I will be posting a picture of my living room and I will be asking for help as to where to put my almost dead Christmas tree.

Andrea with the Flip Flops

Monday, October 13, 2008

When it rains ... it friggen well dumps ...

Thank you Deb! I have been through hell in the last week ... and well after a not so lovely trip there, I am happy to be back. And what a nice way to return to my blogging journey.

Here is the little piece of hell we have called our lives ...

My brother was put back in the hospital for his crohnes... much sicker then before and weighing in at 134lbs (he is just over 6 ft). He is so sick they can not even operate on him. He has tubes going in just above his elbow, up his arm to his heart. This is so he can be nourished and well of course for if his heart needs a little pick me up shot. He can not eat ... can not drink ... my brother is starving ... lets hope not to death. He has a spot on October 21st to have part of his intestines taken out to give him a break from all the pain and hopefully return his quality of life. Not to mention having a life!

My middle child has started twitching (maybe a tic disorder ... could be anxiety). Nobody knows anything. We have to wait til November 3 to get into a ped. I don't know much on this subject and at this point we are just being ... what can you do other then lower her stress level. Well with everything going on ... lol.

My mother was in a bad car accident ... she will be ok. The car is toast... and since the car is fully paid for that kinda sucks. She is off work for the next week and then from there the doctors will figure out when she can go back.

My grandmother took a turn for the worse ... and then in 5 days turned herself around and is doing great! Crazy.

Wow seeing that all down sucks. But I choose to look up. Things will get better, I will play my music louder and I again will gain a smile on this face. I will stop holding my breath...

AND I WILL DANCE IN THE RAIN WITH MY FLIP FLOPS ON... because at least I am alive to feel the sadness, happiness and everything in between! One day at a time and nothing more...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We can all change...

All the hard work we have all put in for helping our oldest go through a very anxious season in his life has now started paying off daily. Every day he surprises us with one huge gain or another. I don't kid myself, we have days that are tough ... where by the end of the school day his ability to keep all his emotions in check start wearing down and the smallest thing as he is leaves the classroom can set him off. However that being said .... dude is doing great. Anxious moments are becoming farther and fewer between. I am just shocked, completely shocked to have the child I have today. I could never have thought he would just gain this confidence and coping skills (that I must say most adults don't even have) at such a young age!

Anxiety can be a very lonely walk ... however we have always been very open about the Anxiety that our child has had and he also has been open about it. Letting him know that the Anxiety is not him ... it is just a worry dragon and with some training you could kick that Worry Dragon right off this planet! Gotta say that has really done us well. I can't wait to see what this year brings.

A few months ago we caught him counciling his uncle on how to tame his worry dragon. My brother looked at me and said "that kid is good" .... I can see already that the training our little man has had will go to good use for others via him sharing his stories!

One proud Mamma!

Friday, October 3, 2008

silence .... not good for everyone...

I love the quiet of the house. When there is quiet I can really tell how loud our salt water tank is, I can tell silence makes my ears ring and I can tell I don't get enough time to just stop and think.

Today my mind was wondering.... and I realized that thank goodness we could not read each others minds. How bad would that be to have a big sign above you head that read just what you thought of someone (your mind reading banner). I would be sitting there thinking, don't think anything, don't think anything ... oh darn ... yes your ass does look nasty in those jeans .... doh! Or it could be the opposite and you could be like all .... wow he is HOT... just want 10 minutes with him ... Oh dear did my husband just read my mind reading banner .... doh!

I want to be a good person. I want to be kind to most people. But sometimes this nasty side comes out... and I try and push her down ... (really my evil twin should have a name)

So I just keep thinking "face to the sunshine".... hold your head high girl. IF someone is going to prosper off things I work on in my life (challenges) ... well I am sure that will not go unnoticed. And inside can they really live with who they are... do they not feel bad?

Again I put my "face to the sunshine", refusing to believe that the bad people, the nasty people in life don't come out ahead. No, I must stay my course... but why when you look around does it always look like they are getting ahead?


Monday, September 29, 2008

Why is it that I even try to pack away the children's summer clothing. Man this weekend it was HOT! I was stripping down faster then the kids were.

The camping trip was a blast (I so have to blog about the raccoons from HELL). Great time, great friends and great food. However, I did manage to get sick the minute my hubby came home. And that was super great cause he was home for a whopping 48 hours! Now I am back to single parenting for the week... however I am still sick. But we know as Mom's that we are not allowed to really be sick ... SUCK IT UP PRINCESS... WHO NEEDS TO HEAR ... WHO NEEDS A VOICE ...

But even being sick can not pull this girl down. (not that I am trying to tempt you fate .... good fate good fate .... nice pretty fate). NO I went for a little retail therapy.

I took the kiddies shoe shopping today. The 2 older ones needed running shoes. We picked up a cute pair of "skater" shoes for the middle child and a pair of running shoes for the Big Brother. Walked out paying $80 in total. Why is it that I think that is such a great deal ... have things really gotten that costly! Anywho I am happy with my purchases and the cost ... thank goodness Big Daddy likes to work!

As we were leaving the mall I notices that all Hanna Montana (sorry if I spelt her name wrong ... ok really I just wanna look like i really don't know who she is...) jewelry was on for 50% off. My girls love her ... so I had to purchase them each a cute little necklace. But then they had this deal on little girl earrings .... by 2 get a set for free ... so I had to get those .... and well the store sucked me in (did you know that they have hand lotion that smells like Bubble gum)! I walk out paying more for the crap in that little store then I did for one pair of runners (and I only was given a lameass plastic bag to carry it home in)! Maybe it was the music .... maybe they pumped in some kinda gas that makes people want to spend $$$ on stupid stuff the kids will lose in less then 24 hours ... maybe it was that nasty Hello Kitty ... that girl is danger!

Well whatever it is, I am happy to report that my girls are so happy. And my son thinks we are all crazy! So life is good!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Foggy day...

So I was gonna write this cute story about family... then I was going to write about how Clay Aiken's eyes freak me out... then I was going to write about friendship....

But ya know, I just wasn't feeling it. I think I would love to spend a day watching Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy, he makes this girl laugh. The Daily Show with Jon ... ya he cracks me up. Makes me happy. I am thinking I either need to rent a comedy or spend some time on the couch with a quilt and Jon or Jimmy.

This weekend is gonna be crazy fun ... and I am sure I will get loads of laughing in (if I live). Cause we are going camping with a great group of friends. So I shall start off with the tv and roll right into the weekend with all our friends ... and me trying to hook up a trailer to my truck. Me trying to drive it to the campground and me getting the propane going for the heat and Fridge ... yes does there involve a flame ...

Hopefully will you hear from me next week... (if I live)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

West Coast Ducks....

I am so still wearing my flip flops... and the weather man keeps telling me it is gonna rain. I look in his face and laugh (see me feel me Mr Weather man)... I don't need boots as he suggests. I find boots too restricting... (unless on a hot sexy date ....)

Now I understand I can not wear my flip flops in the snow. But I live at the coast. We get very little snow. And when we do it is usually a good dump, lasts for a few days and then melts away. I think I was born with feet like a duck ... would you ask a duck to wear boots. No I don't think so.

Therefore Mr Weather Man ... I would like for you to keep your fashion opinions to yourself!

And I thank ya.

Flip Flops Forever!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

lets see ya get low...

Well, it has been a bit since I have been able to get my butt on the computer. My son has been dealing with a bully at school (nothing too bad... as bully's go these days, how sad is that). My Brother continues to be ill with his crohns disease. My Mormor (Grandmother on mom's side) has been quite ill. I have a very attractive sty in my eye and an even hotter bladder infection. Ya I know I am hot and you all want a piece of this action.

However, with all that is going down, I feel at peace, not low at all. I know the bully issue will be taken care of... my son's teacher is such a gifted teacher (however I am keeping my eye on things don't get this mama bear wrong). My brother ... well that we will have to see. Today he is having drugs given to him via IV. This is a new drug that Canada just recognized on Friday. Kinda a last ditch effort. Prayer is the best we can do to help him at this point in the disease. As for my Grandmother, well she is in her 80's... What can I say here.

Ok so anywho...

My student said the funniest thing the other day. We were talking about careers, and he thought he would make a good Motivational speaker. I asked him what he thought they did. So he looked up the words he was looking for and then proceeded to repeat them to me... um this is how it went down...

"I am going to ERECT people"....
I said "Pardon me" ...
he said "I will erect people"....

here is where you insert me bursting out laughing like a thirteen yr old. I could not breath I was laughing so hard (I know real mature), the entire time he is looking at me like I have just run over his puppy (so he has a fragile ego).

I ask to see the word... and it has Erect as "to build up" ... well then. So it was "Lost in translation"! So I explained that perhaps sticking with just the "build up people" part would be the better idea. Then I also had to explain why erect would not be the best choice to select for a word to use at school. What have we as English speaking people done to the English language???

After a fit of laughter from myself and an explanation to him... we are all a little more clear on what building up can really do! And I thank you...

May you all have a chance to be built up today! oooh behave....


Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Furbaby or Furry BFF and family...

Jen asked that those that read her blog post a picture our our Furry Friends. So since he is my Furbaby, I thought I would post our family shot.
Tanner is our 3yr old Golden. He is the best dog ever and was the best money we have ever spent, since spending money on fertility drugs! LOL.

Lice buster....

Today was head lice check day (does this make you want to scratch your head). So a group of us got together and did some lice busting today. I always feel so itchy after. But happy note ... my kids are clean so far! Yahooo! It would be such a pain to go and do both my girls heads ... their hair is so friggen long.

Big Daddy is coming into town on Friday morning... HEEELLLLOOOO BIG DADDY. Saturday Big Daddy and student are going with a group of guys paint balling. The little ones and I are hanging at home for the day. I think it should be a pj/scrapbook day!

Did you know that in grade four it is not cool to wear batman underwear ...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can I get a WHAT... WHAT...

Ok so a bit shocking today. I had a meeting booked with the school regarding my oldest and his anxieties (we have these meetings every 3 months) and to my surprise they said that there were no issues to speak of so they were going to post pone the meeting til next month, however we may not need to meet at all. WHAT ... WHAT ... Listen I know I drank this weekend, but sista did not drink that much. (am I still drunk or did I die...)

So here I sit, no meeting needed at this time, I have all my papers ready to take them on... and NOTHING. WWWHHHAAATTT ....

I know I should be thrilled... this is the day I have dreamed of. But this feels so strange. I feel like at anytime someone is going to jump out and say "GOT YA, naaa really your meeting is still on and we think your kid is a freak".

WHAT.... I am gonna need a bit to wrap my brain around this one. And what if next month they come to me with panic on their faces saying "we don't know how to deal with (blank)".

Maybe what I am feeling is fear of having hope...


Friday, September 12, 2008

I've never been tagged before...

1. How many kids do you have? 3 (1 boy/2girls)
2. What are their ages? 9, 7, & 6
3. What time do you usually start your day? 6:45 (m-f) 10am (sat) 8am (sun)
4. What do they eat for breakfast? Cereal, whatever kind their little heart wants (Monday - Saturday) Pancakes (Sunday)
5. Do they get to watch T.V.? Yes only after dinner if no homework or the homework is done.
6. What's their favorite activity? hanging with their friends (just like their Momma)
7. Do you get a break during the day for some "you" time? On Monday and Tuesday while they are at school other then that ... NO.
8. How do you end your day? Happy with my life and I never remember my head hitting the pillow!
9. What's your best parenting advice or tip? Go with your gut. (or start drinking earlier in the day .... lol)
10. Tagging the following:

I have no clue how to tag..... So tag yourself and let me know in the comments so I can come over and read what you put.

And this is my friend Jen who tagged me

May the weekend bring many happy moments...

Ok so my friends Stepmom is still missing .... please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

IF I hear of more ways we can help I shall post it... until then I shall blog as normal. (How my friend is making out is a whole other story. SG if you see this, we love you and anything we can do just call)

I wish you all a good weekend.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please help

A friend of ours needs help, she has a family member missing. If you are in the lower mainland please keep an eye out for this person...

I want to sit in Batmans car for awhile...

Ok ,so yesterday must have been dubbed "Melt down Wednesday". Holy hanna, this was a job for Batman. Not just one of my kids lost it... no all three. First went the Baby (full out drama queen moment), second the middle child and rounded things off with my 9 yr old acting like he was TWO! Seriously there could not have been enough Vodka in this house to make the rest of the day, a happy day. What the heck happened I thought... and then yes I realized that everyone is hitting the wall due to back to school craziness. So we did not make it to the Family BBQ at the school (now I get to be the crappy mom that looks like she is not interested in school activities) cause I would have rather set my hair on fire then take the little lovers to a public affair!

Then Big Daddy came into town with fantasies of fun with the new dark haired wife he has ... and I had to crush all his/mine thoughts of "fun" cause I was tired of people hanging off me all day, asking me for stuff and just annoying me. And I felt bad about that... poor guy goes with little sleep to come home and I shut him down with a "I hate the world" attitude. And now "fun" will have to be put on hold til Friday... frick! And of course he is Mr Nice Guy ... grrr that just makes things even worse.

And now today I work all day (thank goodness he is such a great little guy to babysit), have a million children here (why do I have so many play dates at my house ... does nobody else have homes) and have to cook some fabulous dinner cause my kids will kill me if I try and feed them kraft dinner AGAIN...

ok ranting over....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Really ... really...

It is amazing the slang our student knows.... female body parts, got that one down pat. So since the female seems to be of interest to Mr Student ... I asked him what he finds attractive about women. Well he had no problem coming up with female body parts (boobs being at the top of his list). So I reworded my question and asked "what type of personalities or qualities does he like in girls" .... and to that he shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know".

So my Dad was right when I was a teenager.... they are all after one thing. And I thought they liked me for my bubbly personality!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bridal Falls... Canada

Big Daddy with International Student.

Black as night....

Not only did I go dark dark ... but she straightened my curly crazy hair!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where is the hired help...

Today I am free ... free and not crying. I am so excited to have a day for myself. At 11am I am off to the spa. I will get my hair done (color/cut) and relax. I shall be treated like the Princess I am. Now all will come to realize, that I Princess of The Flip Flops, has dark hair. All light colors will be wiped away, leaving dark dark, almost black as night hair. (snow white ain't got nothin on me baby)

The Princess of the Flip Flops can not believe how expensive sending three kids to public school can be. Child number one $90 (supplies/planner ... cause he really gives a care what the heck he is doing in the week), child number two $72 (for what I have no clue cause the teacher does the shopping) and child number three $77 (an extra 5 above number 2 cause she also does cooking???). So that make $239 for 3 children under the age of 10, who will break and lose everything... and that does not include all back to school back packs and clothing. SHOOT ME NOW PLEASE... what happens to the people that can't afford to pay that. (oh and side note lets not mention the $$$ each year we pay in taxes to flip flop city for the schooling)

Oh-kay, that being said I am now off to spend more of Big Daddy's hard earned cash! But he knows what it takes to keep the Princess happy...

Andrea with the Flip Flops

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Baby

She has the biggest heart. When she grows up she wants to sell cotton candy and use the money to buy houses for the homeless. She is mothering and yet act like she is 15 (like no way man) in the next second. She always tells the truth, but if you wrong her .... God help you.
She is my baby and she went off to grade one this week. Leaving a very broken hearted Mommy at home. I know she will do well. I know she will have fun and make friends. I am happy for her and the adventure she is about to start. (my heart just needs to catch up)
Badder Baby is the baby that we did not plan ... but everyday I am thankful that it is not for me to plan. It does not matter what you do ... you can not change what is meant to be. And that for me was the best gift ever!
funny note my student was laughing his head off last night cause he got a teach with the last name DICK ... I had to break it to him that it was not DICK as in the male member ... no it was DYCK, as in the last name. He can not bring himself to call his teacher Mr Dyck even after I explained the difference. But he had me in stitches! Ah the joys of names we are given.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And the flood gates are open...

It is my baby's first day of school... and I am fighting back tears (who am I kidding, the tears are flowing). I sat and heard her name called and off she went, comforting another little girl that was crying on their way to the gym.

And with that my heart broke... not for her but for me. I can not type more as this is killing me...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Odd People...

Wow what a crazy few days. Just to let you know the student is wonderful. He has been very kind and polite.... and he is 16 ... that is impressive.

But one of the neatest things this long weekend was people watching in the Vancouver Airport. Ok there are a lot of interesting people in the world and interesting behaviours that happen in public. Wow... really that is what I have to say on this subject. I saw people run into each others arms (make me puke) and I saw many different kinds of signs held up. One girl called her boyfriend a geek cause he made her a cute sign and flowers. So Big Daddy clapped when he left and told him "good job". LOL. Yes my husband can make an ass of himself anywhere, anytime! LOL.

So now I am going to learn German and a lot about Germany. If you have any tips or food ideas... now would be a great time to share.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy Curly SAHM driving large blue truck .... get off road now...

Wow, thanks for sharing about each of your kids. It is so neat to hear how different each sibling is. I love the goals of each of your kids. Mine at this point want to be a man who finds treasure (that is the oldest), a Vet (middle child) and a Princess/dancer/ Mommy (Badder Baby). LOL ... at least we are past the "I want to be a cotton candy girl". Big dreams these kids ... lol.

So I am quite excited cause I just found out we are getting an international student from Germany. We had already turned down one child, and well this one came up and he seems (fingers crossed) like the right fit.

But this has also turned my house into Crazy Vill (not that I ever think we are normal). Big Daddy won't make it into town til midnight Friday (child comes saturday 2pm) .... so that leaves me to do EVERYTHING. No problemo right ... move one child out of one room to anther room and get first room ready for new kid on the block (every body start waving your hands from side to side), put ikea bed together (why are there no words in the instruction book) and do all the shopping with my other little evil beasts! Easy peasy.... not.

My girlfriend helped with a big part, getting that evil bed put together. At one point my dog was spooning her (large golden retriever needing a little extra lovn) while she is either trying to cut my boobs off (i would like to keep them i do like them) with a piece of metal or choke me with it (usually it is my boobs job to choke me while doing some strange and goofy Pilate's move). But we did it and got the darn thing together ... go US!

So now I am off to do everything else ..... crazy curly hair and all!

Have a great long weekend.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Daddy called after only being on his trip with Middle Child for 5 minutes. All he said was "Does she EVER stop talking"? (pay back's a bitch)

No, she really does not. She talks all day and then in her sleep as well. She started talking very young and has never, never stopped. She is our little "Chatty Kathy". One smart cookie this one is!

Middle child is also our dare devil. She will go on any ride or try anything! She sucks me into going on every roller coaster she can get her butt on. (maybe she is trying to kill me)

Middle child is the child that knows how best to push our buttons and yet, she is our best snuggler. LOL. She spends most of her days as a very loud horse or dog. She is the tom-boy of the family. And she had determination beyond my expectations. (she did the monkey bars til her hands raw)

All the boys love her cause she will play any sport and is up for any game (did I mention I am looking for a large gun). She is also very beautiful and knows it! Has Daddy wrapped around her finger ... and I also believe that with just one finger she could kill a man!

That is my introduction to Middle Child.

(I must say I am enjoying the quiet of only having two children this week, however Middle Child has been gone for 24 hours now and I am missing her, chatting and all)

I would love to know about each of your kids...


PS I will introduce the others at a later date.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't sleep, must rant...

This is my little brother and Badder Baby (aka The Princess). Both my brothers and my Dad have Chrones Disease. Right now my little brother is in loads of pain and on very strong meds to get things under control. It pains me to see the amount of weight he has lost, the anger in his voice over being sick and the sadness in his eyes cause he can't do all the things he wants. Right now he has all his intestines ... but at what cost. Would the surgery be better ... or are the drugs better... we just don't know. And sadly my crystal ball must be too far up someones a$$ for me to reach ... lol ... Hey, maybe he does not have chrones ... maybe that is where the crystal ball is!


Balls or Cherios ... you choose

So we were hanging with a friend of mine today and she has the coolest toy ever. This toy gets loaded with balls and then shoots them up into the air for the children to collect and return to machine where it will then shoot them out again. I thought this toy was amazing, however I wondered what would happen if you put say ... Cheerios in it. So we loaded said machine with Cheerios for the kids and turned the darn thing on. HOLY CRAP .... that thing shot the Cheerios ever ... it was great. Cheerios were flying, children were scream with excitement and we were LOAO!!!! And the second best part was seeing the kids clean up the Cheerios by eating them ... so the 10 second rule was extended... don't judge.

Man I want this thing at every party. Load it up with confetti and let her rip! Just think of the possibilities...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How do you get heel marks out of flooring...

Thanks for the comments girls ... I know I am not alone, but sometimes it is nice to just hear it.

I woke up this morning to a small child clunking down the hall in a pair of my heels! How sad it is going to be when that only happens twice a week instead of SEVEN! LOL.

Today we are back to having a bunch of kids over and great friends over for dinner. Big Daddy will be coming back into town with badder baby, hopefully in time to join all of us for dinner. Seems the two of them (Big Daddy and badder baby) have been having a blast this week. They went to Oregon, Victoria and then they are coming home. He has let her eat nothing but the golden arches and Subway. So when I offer her veggies cause I don't want her to get scurvier (thats the one you get if you don't eat veggies right ... ) .... her head may spin around and spew our green stuff.

I am going to a scrap night on Wednesday. I think I am more excited about getting out then I am about scrapping I think it is our last get together for the year. However, I have started working on hiring a sitter for the fall, in hopes that I will have a good reason to go out one evening a week when Big Daddy is out of town. I may just have to people watch with coffee in hand .... now come on that can bring some interesting entertainment. (how sad is my social life


Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow what a crazy couple of days...

Ok wow has it been a crazy couple of days. And now I am happy to say that the rest of the week is planned more .... calm shall we say. Other then friends over, it is just the kids and I hanging out.

I did do all the school shopping in one day. The kids and I went from morning til night! And I can now say I am glad I did it. It helped me face the fact that they are going back. I think also putting it on my blog held me to it more as well. I can't say I am jumping for joy at the thought of them going back, and I am going to cry (as I do every year). But there is a small part of me looking forward to a bit of time to myself.

Today I also did a trial run with the little guy I will be looking after during the day, 3 days a week. I am so please with how it went and am looking forward to having him back next week.

My parents finally got back from their holiday and as always spoiled the kids. And they wonder why every time they come to the door my kids ask "Did you bring me anything" .... ggrrr. LOL, however I am so glad that my kids are so special to them and well, I don't thing (???) it will wreck them as human beings. (if it is going to don't tell me .... shshshsh)

Just as a side note I am still worried about my anxious one going into grade 4... but I have read up on all our notes and I am loaded with knowledge regarding Anxiety (nothing else can be kept in the brain at this time). So I am ready to go after everything I feel he deserves and more! Watch out cause mamma has her big girl panties on! (really I would like someone else to go in and do the fight for us ... but that is not the real world is it)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I know that I am procrastinating regarding this whole "back to school shopping" thing. I keep putting it off so it is not so real! I don't want the kids to go back... I want summer break to be for forever ... and why do I not just home school. GGGRRR! One reason is for the child in my house that has Anxiety, I pull this child out, and the child may go backwards ... Lord knows I could not handle that. But school is such a battle for us... that summer break is a piece of Heaven. And I am not sure I am up for the fight AGAIN.

But I know that I need to suck it up, get on my big girl panties and get out the door. So I am thinking Thursday is as good a day as any. "Face to the sunshine" ... or as my girlfriend likes to quote Dori "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". Sad really that we now quote little animated creatures! Really she is smart ... maybe I just don't retain the smart things she says. LOL. Anywho, so I am going to do it. And I am going to do it with the fakest smile I can muster up for my kids.

Then Friday I am visiting with my Mormor (Mom's mom for all who do not speak Danish). That shall be a fun challenge (see positive spin). As their hearing has gone down hill and they speak more Danish the English ... did I mention I speak VERY little danish .... like thanks for the meal is about the best I can pull out. Heck I know more Spanish!

So busy times after having such a wonderful relaxing summer. Now see me fake it till I feel it!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going, Going, Gone...

5 hours, 3 bags of garbage, 4 bags of cloths and we now have 2 bedrooms clean! I can not believe how much junk children collect over the year. Cleaning was almost as long as a triathlon (I may have enjoyed the triathlon more).

I explained to the kids the more they have the more mess they will have to clean. Less means more time to play. Well the youngest one got it and was chucking stuff out left right and centre! Then she went after her brother's room... had him making piles (keep, give away, chuck out). Flylady would be proud of my baby girl! However his room is not completed, so we will finish his room off today and the rest of the house.

I was really blessed the other day. A friend of mine gave me a gift card to a salon ($200) because I took care of her cat for 2 weeks. I could not believe it. I feel it was over the top, so I have asked her to join me in getting our nails or toes done. Hopefully she will take me up on the offer.

My kids and I have really enjoyed the Olympics. But I have to say that the Triathlon really got us. We were so proud to see our Canadian, Whitfield! He was so amazing and we loved cheering for him. Thanks Mr Simon Whitfield for giving us a wonderful family evening!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Fresh starts... to the week... to the $$$ ... to the school year...

Well, was my Sunday relaxing or what! My back was so bad I ended up on my girlfriends floor all day (thank u for taking care of me and the creeps). Then toward the end of the day I heard a click, seems my hip was what caused all the pain. Man, I have got to make myself a priority and get this back/hip thing checked out! Still sore today but nothing even close to yesterday. The show must go on.

We are on a cash only budget now , and I have got to say I love it. It is so nice to see what I have for the week and plan from there (funny thing, it is just nice to have $$$). I know I could see if I checked my accounts while using interact ... but actually seeing the cash ... well it seems to make me feel like I have more control. LOL ... tricking the brain I guess. I saw the whole "living on cash" thing on Til Dept Do Us Part (I think that is what it is called) and she made many good points. So I thought with the new job change and financial change, now was a good time for change. However I am meeting a bit of rebelion from Big Daddy... do I have to take all his cards away??? Poor Big Daddy!

Some time this week or next week I am going to do a bit of back to school shopping. First I am going through all the kids clothing cause I feel that I waste too much money on clothing for them and they have loads (and that makes loads of laundry) of clothing. I am embarrassed to admit that my youngest (do to all the hand me downs and new stuff) can't even close her dresser drawers! So I am going to purge, purge, purge ...

Fresh starts all around!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunday is my Monday...

Looks like the rain is coming to the coast next week! So we better get our swimming in and save the house cleaning for the rainy days.

Big Daddy is leaving Sunday morning ... so next week is starting a day early for me. I have so much to fit in today so I don't have to drag all the creeps with me when I do all my running around. However Big Daddy took the oldest child, and the two of them went tool shopping. It is looking like my window of freedom is getting smaller by the minute! I am not a lover of bringing the kids shopping with me.... so I may be shopping very late today.

Enjoy the day.


Friday, August 15, 2008

It's getting hot in here ...

Today is big time pool day! It is gonna be a hot one today and we have 4 adults and 9 kids coming over today ... don't for get to also add my 3 to the pile. Should be one great time. I am sure there will be no water left in the pool, and my grass will not have to been watered til next year (cannon ball city). I love it!

I am going to put up a shade tent for the little ones, move a few things (table with umbrella and extra chairs) toward the back of the yard and get blankets out (picnicking). This is going to be so much fun.

I just saw a show about a young girl (I think 15, if that) had a tummy tuck and breast reduction done ... Um ok. What is going on in this world! She had her chest done cause she thought it made her look fat! Not because her back or shoulders hurt .... is that not .... strange ... WOW!

I have to go and build up my daughters!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who needs friends like that ...

I do not like a few of the people my husband has chosen as so called friends. They do nothing but make fun of him and treat him badly. I am so sick of it and one of them sent me the final straw. Via email this person picked on my husband to me ... like it was funny. Jealousy, that is what their issue is. Plain old jealousy. Big Daddy is such a great guy, he loves to work, we have a great marriage, our kids are crazy great, we have wonderful friendships with other couples ... and well a few of these so called friends ... don't have any of the above.

Why oh why can people just not be happy for others. It just grosses me out!

Ahhhh, ok now I have vented and feeling a bit better. All week we have friends over and we are loving it. The beach day was great... I think we were there over 6 hours. The kids had so much fun and my girlfriend and I spent the entire time laughing. Summer is soooo super fun!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beach baby...

Well, we are off to the lake with friends today. Funny that I live only 10 minutes from the lake ... 10 minutes at most... and I have not been this year at all. Price of gas (a large shiny new truck) and our new pool has kept me home. But I have no regrets. I have saved money and had a wonderful time having friends and family over.

So today we will play Beach baby ... and Wednesday it is back to backyard dwelling!


Monday, August 11, 2008

All of us off and running...

Well hubby is off and running (gotta make the big bucks, or so he says). The kids are blowing up a whale I bought them for the pool ... funny thing we have a pump, but this way they are busy and working together... so who am I to take all their fun away. (and my quiet) Hopefully nobody will pass out!

Mondays always bring my biggest cleaning day... about 1 hour maybe a bit more... I have not timed myself. But then the rest of the week is a quick clean here and a scrub there. Then free time city! (why could I have not been born in to $$$ ... I could so use a cleaning lady/man)

We had such a great weekend with family and friends (thanks for the great dinner L). I did however suck big time at 80's Trivial Pursuit ... and sadly there was no vodka involved. September's game night is gonna be a blast. We are all going camping for Kelley's daughters birthday and game night. This is gonna such a great way to end the summer.

Well better get at the cleaning ... sadly there is no maid to be had here.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy hair could get out of control soon...

Today is a day that I have claimed for myself (well and my daughters). No company, no wild adventures, just life in the HOUSE.

Big Daddy and the oldest should be home around midnight. That is when our real weekend will begin.

Saturday is filled with friends, one is in her first Triathlon and then we all have games nights. So Saturday morning we are going to get up early and cheer on our wonderful friend as she is doing something I will never do (mostly cause I just don't want to and partly cause I think I would DIE). I can't wait!

Sunday will be church, afternoon nap (wink wink) and hanging with our own family. I love Sunday's.

So I think I ticked off my hairdresser. I phoned on Tuesday and cancelled for Saturday as the day is soooo full, I lack in $$$, and I was not 100% on if Big Daddy would be home to care for the gang. Can't hire a sitter if you don't have $$$ and I would rather set my hair on fire then take all the kids with me to get my hair done. And I did not want to cancel on her at the last minute. Anywho back to the story.... so I left a msg with the girl that helps her out and asked that she call me back with a rebook time sometime in the month of August/Sept. Ok it is Friday and there has been no call... um .... ok. I was thinking it was time for a change, I never stay longer then 5 years with a hairdresser. Nothing against them ... I just like change and well a new hairdresser always sees your hair in a different way. So maybe now is the time to jump ship...

Am I the only one like this... is everyone lifers ... or maybe I just have not found the perfect person for me... anyone willing to take on a chick with crazy curly hair that changes colors with the seasons and a commitment phobia for hairdressers????


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun...

Today a bunch of my girlfriends are coming over with their kids and I can't wait. The kids will all swim in the pool and the ladies and I shall sit around the table and shoot the breeze. (and people wonder why I am not chomping at the bit to go back to work

I love all the girlfriends I have. The girls are so different from each other. But that is what I love about all of them. One thing they all have in common is that all the women in my life are strong women. I could not live without my gal pals!

Two of the girls are away this week... and even if we all don't see each other every day I really notice when they are gone. And I miss them. However, Game Night is on Saturday so I will see both of them ... and well kick their butts (80's trivial pursuit anyone). I may even bust out the Vodka...

Off to get ready for the girls! Enjoy your day and put on your flip flops and flip em really loud.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday low down...

Today is an exciting day of hanging in backyard, swimming in the pool and... well not doing much. Sounds perfect to me!

Our oldest went on a trip with Big Daddy, so that leaves just the girls and I. Funny how quiet the house is with one less child. I can't handle the quiet so I invited 2 boys over! LOL , things will be back to the normal level of chaos.

Yesterday we started our new budget (since my hubby will not be getting a pay check til Sept 15th) ... and the "budget" means spend as little as possible. I can not stress how excited I am for September 15th!

Badder Baby is being just that. I giggled cause she was looking for her swimsuit and it was on her body. Well she caught me giggling, and growled at me. I explained to her that we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves when we do something funny ( heck that was on Rolly Polly Olly yesterday... are we not learning anything from this crap TV). Well then she got even angrier and stormed down to her room. Hello Drama queen! Ah... now I will have to go an attend to her attitude that is larger then life.

Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looks like today is gonna be a hot one. So I am going to wear as little as clothing as possible and have a swim in the pool with the kids. (really I will float around the pool while being cannon balled every 3 seconds)

I just can't get over that it is August 5th already! What the heck ... in less then a month the children will all return to school and for the first time EVER in like EVER I will have a bit of time to myself. I have no idea how to live with out chaos! SO, I have managed to pick up a babysitting job for 2.5 days a week. The mom has been bugging me since the little guy was 4 months old, and well now he is over one and I took it (just not ready to deal with being by myself). The should keep me occupied for a bit of the time. The rest I will coffee with the girls, lunch with the girls, coffee some more, clean the house... really I am just gonna wing it. I have no real interest in going back to work after being off for 7 years... I thought I would want my career back after all that time ... since it was so hard to leave (took me 2 yrs to get over leaving my job). Who knows???

Well I am off to swiffer... enjoy your day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hard plastic crap...

The barbie house, barbie motor home and the nasty barbies are blocking me from cleaning my house ... so I must grab coffee, parent from my butt a bit longer, and enjoy looking at the pictures in a magazine (cause I just don't want to work my eyes out today). Why must my life be so hard ....

A bit of everything....

Well thank you, thank you my little friend, for fixing the blogging issues! I had no clue there was a problem... lol. But then again I do not look myself up. LOL.

Today is a holiday here ... but not such a holiday in our house. Big Daddy had to go to work (bummer) and we are chilln in the house. Thanks to that Flylady program I actually want to be in my house. LOL. I never buy into anything ... but have to admit I am hooked. So instead of just trying to ex scape the mess that use to be our house ... I am just doing a quick tidy and then I am going to read a magazine. (kids are being good so I shall take full advantage)

We took the kids mini golfing this weekend. That was so funny. Our kids are soooo super different. One child is a natural at everything she does, one child tries so hard and does well but has to bust his butt, and our baby ... well she does not try at all and then pitches a fit cause she can't get under par. Big Daddy and I spent the entire time trying to hide our fits of giggles from them. Ah cheap entertainment!

This week shall be somewhat relaxed as my brother will be released from the hospital again. However, this time they have things under control (crohns) more. Some new drug ... ah my little brother the lab rat. LOL.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have no clue why people just can click on my name and get to my blog???

The OpenID thing says "No trusted sites yet" ... I have no clue what this is???


On other news.... my hubby is coming home today after being gone for 5 days. It will be so nice to see him and just have another adult around. He will not leave again til Monday ... yahoo! (side note, mother nature just let me know how much she hates me). LOL... welcome home honey!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Enjoy the day...

How is it that when hubby is gone the house stays cleaner??? It is not like he makes a big mess... strange.

The children are in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher... this means they are having a spatula fight and I am sure the pots are on their heads. But at least the dishes will make it to roughly where they belong, and I did not have to do it. I am not a lover of unloading the dishwasher.

We have company coming today. A very nice lady and her 2 kids. Should be a good time ... maybe a little parenting from our butts with a side of coffee.

I can't believe how many people are ready for the kids to go back to school. We have only been out for a month... is it really that bad. I enjoy, on the most part having them home and am not in a rush to go back to the grind. However, I do have a child with anxiety, so school is never an easy adventure. Our summer break is really a break ... school is major work for little man and I.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As I sat typing my last post I hear from one of the girls rooms ....

Baby says ... Hammy, Hammy (that is middle child's hamster)
Middle child says ... oh oh
Baby now lowers her voice even more so I can't make out what they are talking about.
Middle child finally says ... OH that is better.

So I am guessing that the hamster was release and then caught. How much longer must that thing live....

Mommy on the edge

Party of one, not fun ....

Yes, it is official I miss my man. I know I will get back into the routine of him being gone and then home ... but last night was not easy. I really truly missed just having him there.

Well now that I have admitted it and wrote it here ... I shall now let it go. It is what it is.

The other thing I missed was my girlfriends Pamper Chef party. It just completely slipped my mind ... so when I was missing hubby I could have been hanging with a really great friend. I feel really bad! Lesson learnt ... pity parties are for one... and I am better with more people around.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Kids are growing...

Today I took my gang to a new park that was just built. The coolest of cools park! But what I did not realize was that my babies ... we are not babies. And even if the park was WAY COOL (cause I think it was), it was too young for them. They lasted 15 minutes and then were ready to hit the road. I remember the days when I was dragging them from the park ... and now they are dragging me from the park.

I was reading another blog the other day and she was talking about errands.... you know bringing all the kids with kinda errands. Well I had my first taste of freedom this year with baby going to kindergarten for 2 hours. I could get coffee and then do my errands listening to music I would not let the kids here ... yes that meant no Disney/treehouse music. It was lovely. But now summer is here, and don't get me wrong I am not wishing the little beasts back to school ... but having them come along to do the errands ... SHOOT ME NOW PLEASE!

Off to wash windows, clean mirrors, clean bathrooms, wipe counters, wipe tables.... ah the joys of not doing the errands you are really suppose to be doing.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday missmash...

Well, I had a lovely weekend with hubby and the kids. One of the best parts was having dinner with good friends. We had fun, played a game (I won ... just saying is all), hot tubbed and relaxed. Very lovely.

I am learning a few new things about me ... like I have no flipping clue what my decorating style is ... I find it hard to let go of friendships when they have come to the end (I seem to take this very personally... when I very well know people grow together and apart)... and I do enjoy having a clean house.

So, to add to theses things I have purchased myself a magazine called Style at home (Canada), second one I am not sure where to go with that, and the third... keep on tiding up as wells as enlisting the children to do a bit more. Seems I have forgotten that I have 3 very capable children! LOL.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well my little bro is on his way here. They released him half an hour ago with many conditions. One of them being no more herbal remedies. He will be on very strong steroids for the next three months (that should do some good damage of it own) and then after that he will be on a new experimental drug... IF he starts glowing at night my kids are gonna love that!

I have really be enjoying my babies this summer holiday. I love how loving their brother is to them. He loves getting them breakfast or putting a special show on for them. Today he even made me breakfast ... and I shall enjoy every bit of it... as it twice the amount I normally eat and earlier then I normally eat. But so cute!

As for this Flylady thing ... I kinda feel strange admitting this, but I love the shiny sink. And I love how my master bedroom is looking. How does one collect so much crap?? I can see the floor in the closet!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blood, Puking, and a trip to the ER....

On top of the house falling apart ... my brothers intestines are falling apart too. Both my twin bro's have crohnes... my dad has crohnes... my dad's evil mother had crohnes.

Well last night at about 1am I got a call from my brother's girlfriend letting me know she was taking him to emerg. Finally was the first thought that popped into my head. My brother has not been able to eat more then one meal a day for over a year. He is now 6 foot and only weighs about 155.... not good. But hey, he has been on these great herbal bla bla bla things that have done him NO GOOD... do you hear the anger in my typing.

Anywho (and anger is released into the black hole) they gave him morphine for the pain and started him on some very strong roids (that otta kill his liver). Doctor after Doctor has come and looked at his ex rays... specialist after specialist... and we are still waiting on another specialist.

We all know that removing the part of the intestine that is blocked is only a short term fix.... drugs will harm his body... no drugs will kill him... and here we sit waiting .... waiting on another specialist to pick the less of all the evils.

I love my brother and he is an amazing man... this kills me to see and hear him go through all this. But I must also type that our parents are out of the country... and at this time he does not want me to worry them (so that means don't tell Mommy on me). Well I will give him 12 more hours to get his butt out of the hospital or I am calling and telling on him. And if they do cut him open ... all bets are off.

I can say that this time around I am much more relaxed.... been here before and I know it will all work out ... right ... right....


Pulling on the Big Girl Panties...

The coffee table is full of laundry, the dishwasher is not unloaded, and the house is going down hill in a big bad hurry!

So, I got myself hooked up with the FlyLady again. I have not had to use it for years ... but seems I need some help. I did not realize some of the changes that would happen when DH changed jobs. Now I am not going to feel sorry for myself... nope I am gonna put on my big girl panties and get things back under control.

Things I am going to work at this week ....
-get the house back under control
-get the kids video game time under control ... that thing is too good of a babysitter.
-menu plan for next week

Really I would like to hire a maid, a nanny and a cook!!!! House work does make me ugly.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Man of the house...

I wondered what a "the man of the house" is. I am sure back in the 40's I would have been able to answer that. But now in 08... ya I got nothin.

So, since my hubby was on a trip I told my son he could be "the man of the house".... but only if he could explain to me what that meant.

9yr old boy - Well I think it is the person who sits and watches the evening news... (long pause) and eats macaroni out of a pot! Oh ya and looks after the girls when you go shopping.

Me - (laughing to myself) Ah, well thanks for giving me the low down. I guess you can handle being "the man of the house".

That one was priceless!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Monday....

Well my hubby is off and gone for work. Seems like he is going to have a really great week!

Sunday we had a house full ... between 17 and 20 adults/kids. My kitchen now looks like a small storm has come and gone. But it was so fun, and it was planned so last minute... kinda like if you had drove by my house on Sunday you were asked to come for dinner. So everyone brought a little something something and we all ended up eating way too much! Good times.

Today we are having a few more adults/kids for a pool party. Should be a blast.

I am sooo looking forward to this weekend and it is only Monday. One of my girlfriends is having her Adults Only summer party. I love going to this party each year!

Well I should run, shower, shave ... maybe try to find the kitchen counter.

Enjoy your day.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

He must be love struck...

I am having the most amazing lazy week ever! I have done nothing all week. I have however managed to do the dishes each day ... but beyond that, I got nothing.

And what does my ever so wonderful husband say .....
"The house looks great".

Are you kidding me. There are weeks I bust my butt to make this house look good and this week nothing, I do nothing and he still thinks it looks great. Dude must be going blind! LOL, he's a keeper.

Today we are doing more swimming... and more visiting with friends. I love summer for the hanging out... but I did notice that yesterday I was getting kinda bored. Then some of my gal pals showed up with all their kids and the party was on.

And to top it off a good friend of mine and her family stayed for dinner. I love having meal times with families that work like mine. It was so relaxed and fun! Ah ... such a great time. I love seeing how our kids behave to each other ... and how the pecking order goes. Full entertainment. I laughed so much at my youngest and her middle... those two are just plain crazy. Yaaaa crazy like that! (thanks for the good times)



Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I love the sound of happy noise, really I think I just love most noise. The sound of my children laughing, my girls doing tap dance on the living room floor, my son jumping for joy when passing a new level of video game and music. I love love music 24/7. I do not like quite ... for fear I may have time to think .... lmao.

I have music playing all the time. All kinds, from different years. I play my music loud or quiet (depends on if the beastlys on in bed). Like I said I LOVE NOISE!

What I don't like is to be woken up at 7am by a jackhammer! It was like someone took my happy bubble and was attacking it. So I shut the windows... ya did not make a huge difference. But in time the attack of the noise stopped and now I am back to happy sounds. My girls running around the yard playing horses and my son running around inside cause he is hopped up on sugar.

I shall now crank up my music and reclaim my happy bubble!

Enjoy the day.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"The more you have."..

"The more you have the more you have to worry about." author unknown.

Interesting statement (I have no clue where I read this). I think this one is all in what side you are sitting on... the haves or the have nots. What do you think?

My hubby is starting a new job next week. More money was a selling point for him. For me the selling point was how well he is treated. The new company is a company he has worked for before and they treated him very well. So I am excited for this new adventure ... not that life is ever boring here.

Today's day will be filled with swimming, swimming and swimming. We are loving the new pool that was given to us. I must find a way to thank the person that gave it to us ....

My youngest is having a friend over, however since they are still little that means the entire family (minus the dad) is coming over. Should be fun! There will be six kids and the mom and I. (I am out of waterproof mascara... just call me Tammy)

I have been thinking about the opener of this post and I think I would end "The more you have" with ... The more you have the more you can give!


Monday, July 14, 2008

This is my 3rd blog. My first I had for years ... then one day felt too much pressure to write and DELETED it. My second I started on a road to finding myself ... when the whole time I was right there ... lol. And now my third ... (all good things come in 3's) is me, right where I am.

I feel no pressure to write, I have no loss of self to whine about ... this is just where I am at and how I roll. And yes My flip flops are really FLIPPING AND A FLOPPING!

It is funny how different all people are and I for one, do not fit neatly in any one box.

What to live by...

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. Helen Keller