Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy Curly SAHM driving large blue truck .... get off road now...

Wow, thanks for sharing about each of your kids. It is so neat to hear how different each sibling is. I love the goals of each of your kids. Mine at this point want to be a man who finds treasure (that is the oldest), a Vet (middle child) and a Princess/dancer/ Mommy (Badder Baby). LOL ... at least we are past the "I want to be a cotton candy girl". Big dreams these kids ... lol.

So I am quite excited cause I just found out we are getting an international student from Germany. We had already turned down one child, and well this one came up and he seems (fingers crossed) like the right fit.

But this has also turned my house into Crazy Vill (not that I ever think we are normal). Big Daddy won't make it into town til midnight Friday (child comes saturday 2pm) .... so that leaves me to do EVERYTHING. No problemo right ... move one child out of one room to anther room and get first room ready for new kid on the block (every body start waving your hands from side to side), put ikea bed together (why are there no words in the instruction book) and do all the shopping with my other little evil beasts! Easy peasy.... not.

My girlfriend helped with a big part, getting that evil bed put together. At one point my dog was spooning her (large golden retriever needing a little extra lovn) while she is either trying to cut my boobs off (i would like to keep them i do like them) with a piece of metal or choke me with it (usually it is my boobs job to choke me while doing some strange and goofy Pilate's move). But we did it and got the darn thing together ... go US!

So now I am off to do everything else ..... crazy curly hair and all!

Have a great long weekend.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Daddy called after only being on his trip with Middle Child for 5 minutes. All he said was "Does she EVER stop talking"? (pay back's a bitch)

No, she really does not. She talks all day and then in her sleep as well. She started talking very young and has never, never stopped. She is our little "Chatty Kathy". One smart cookie this one is!

Middle child is also our dare devil. She will go on any ride or try anything! She sucks me into going on every roller coaster she can get her butt on. (maybe she is trying to kill me)

Middle child is the child that knows how best to push our buttons and yet, she is our best snuggler. LOL. She spends most of her days as a very loud horse or dog. She is the tom-boy of the family. And she had determination beyond my expectations. (she did the monkey bars til her hands raw)

All the boys love her cause she will play any sport and is up for any game (did I mention I am looking for a large gun). She is also very beautiful and knows it! Has Daddy wrapped around her finger ... and I also believe that with just one finger she could kill a man!

That is my introduction to Middle Child.

(I must say I am enjoying the quiet of only having two children this week, however Middle Child has been gone for 24 hours now and I am missing her, chatting and all)

I would love to know about each of your kids...


PS I will introduce the others at a later date.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can't sleep, must rant...

This is my little brother and Badder Baby (aka The Princess). Both my brothers and my Dad have Chrones Disease. Right now my little brother is in loads of pain and on very strong meds to get things under control. It pains me to see the amount of weight he has lost, the anger in his voice over being sick and the sadness in his eyes cause he can't do all the things he wants. Right now he has all his intestines ... but at what cost. Would the surgery be better ... or are the drugs better... we just don't know. And sadly my crystal ball must be too far up someones a$$ for me to reach ... lol ... Hey, maybe he does not have chrones ... maybe that is where the crystal ball is!


Balls or Cherios ... you choose

So we were hanging with a friend of mine today and she has the coolest toy ever. This toy gets loaded with balls and then shoots them up into the air for the children to collect and return to machine where it will then shoot them out again. I thought this toy was amazing, however I wondered what would happen if you put say ... Cheerios in it. So we loaded said machine with Cheerios for the kids and turned the darn thing on. HOLY CRAP .... that thing shot the Cheerios ever ... it was great. Cheerios were flying, children were scream with excitement and we were LOAO!!!! And the second best part was seeing the kids clean up the Cheerios by eating them ... so the 10 second rule was extended... don't judge.

Man I want this thing at every party. Load it up with confetti and let her rip! Just think of the possibilities...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How do you get heel marks out of flooring...

Thanks for the comments girls ... I know I am not alone, but sometimes it is nice to just hear it.

I woke up this morning to a small child clunking down the hall in a pair of my heels! How sad it is going to be when that only happens twice a week instead of SEVEN! LOL.

Today we are back to having a bunch of kids over and great friends over for dinner. Big Daddy will be coming back into town with badder baby, hopefully in time to join all of us for dinner. Seems the two of them (Big Daddy and badder baby) have been having a blast this week. They went to Oregon, Victoria and then they are coming home. He has let her eat nothing but the golden arches and Subway. So when I offer her veggies cause I don't want her to get scurvier (thats the one you get if you don't eat veggies right ... ) .... her head may spin around and spew our green stuff.

I am going to a scrap night on Wednesday. I think I am more excited about getting out then I am about scrapping I think it is our last get together for the year. However, I have started working on hiring a sitter for the fall, in hopes that I will have a good reason to go out one evening a week when Big Daddy is out of town. I may just have to people watch with coffee in hand .... now come on that can bring some interesting entertainment. (how sad is my social life


Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow what a crazy couple of days...

Ok wow has it been a crazy couple of days. And now I am happy to say that the rest of the week is planned more .... calm shall we say. Other then friends over, it is just the kids and I hanging out.

I did do all the school shopping in one day. The kids and I went from morning til night! And I can now say I am glad I did it. It helped me face the fact that they are going back. I think also putting it on my blog held me to it more as well. I can't say I am jumping for joy at the thought of them going back, and I am going to cry (as I do every year). But there is a small part of me looking forward to a bit of time to myself.

Today I also did a trial run with the little guy I will be looking after during the day, 3 days a week. I am so please with how it went and am looking forward to having him back next week.

My parents finally got back from their holiday and as always spoiled the kids. And they wonder why every time they come to the door my kids ask "Did you bring me anything" .... ggrrr. LOL, however I am so glad that my kids are so special to them and well, I don't thing (???) it will wreck them as human beings. (if it is going to don't tell me .... shshshsh)

Just as a side note I am still worried about my anxious one going into grade 4... but I have read up on all our notes and I am loaded with knowledge regarding Anxiety (nothing else can be kept in the brain at this time). So I am ready to go after everything I feel he deserves and more! Watch out cause mamma has her big girl panties on! (really I would like someone else to go in and do the fight for us ... but that is not the real world is it)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I know that I am procrastinating regarding this whole "back to school shopping" thing. I keep putting it off so it is not so real! I don't want the kids to go back... I want summer break to be for forever ... and why do I not just home school. GGGRRR! One reason is for the child in my house that has Anxiety, I pull this child out, and the child may go backwards ... Lord knows I could not handle that. But school is such a battle for us... that summer break is a piece of Heaven. And I am not sure I am up for the fight AGAIN.

But I know that I need to suck it up, get on my big girl panties and get out the door. So I am thinking Thursday is as good a day as any. "Face to the sunshine" ... or as my girlfriend likes to quote Dori "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". Sad really that we now quote little animated creatures! Really she is smart ... maybe I just don't retain the smart things she says. LOL. Anywho, so I am going to do it. And I am going to do it with the fakest smile I can muster up for my kids.

Then Friday I am visiting with my Mormor (Mom's mom for all who do not speak Danish). That shall be a fun challenge (see positive spin). As their hearing has gone down hill and they speak more Danish the English ... did I mention I speak VERY little danish .... like thanks for the meal is about the best I can pull out. Heck I know more Spanish!

So busy times after having such a wonderful relaxing summer. Now see me fake it till I feel it!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going, Going, Gone...

5 hours, 3 bags of garbage, 4 bags of cloths and we now have 2 bedrooms clean! I can not believe how much junk children collect over the year. Cleaning was almost as long as a triathlon (I may have enjoyed the triathlon more).

I explained to the kids the more they have the more mess they will have to clean. Less means more time to play. Well the youngest one got it and was chucking stuff out left right and centre! Then she went after her brother's room... had him making piles (keep, give away, chuck out). Flylady would be proud of my baby girl! However his room is not completed, so we will finish his room off today and the rest of the house.

I was really blessed the other day. A friend of mine gave me a gift card to a salon ($200) because I took care of her cat for 2 weeks. I could not believe it. I feel it was over the top, so I have asked her to join me in getting our nails or toes done. Hopefully she will take me up on the offer.

My kids and I have really enjoyed the Olympics. But I have to say that the Triathlon really got us. We were so proud to see our Canadian, Whitfield! He was so amazing and we loved cheering for him. Thanks Mr Simon Whitfield for giving us a wonderful family evening!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Fresh starts... to the week... to the $$$ ... to the school year...

Well, was my Sunday relaxing or what! My back was so bad I ended up on my girlfriends floor all day (thank u for taking care of me and the creeps). Then toward the end of the day I heard a click, seems my hip was what caused all the pain. Man, I have got to make myself a priority and get this back/hip thing checked out! Still sore today but nothing even close to yesterday. The show must go on.

We are on a cash only budget now , and I have got to say I love it. It is so nice to see what I have for the week and plan from there (funny thing, it is just nice to have $$$). I know I could see if I checked my accounts while using interact ... but actually seeing the cash ... well it seems to make me feel like I have more control. LOL ... tricking the brain I guess. I saw the whole "living on cash" thing on Til Dept Do Us Part (I think that is what it is called) and she made many good points. So I thought with the new job change and financial change, now was a good time for change. However I am meeting a bit of rebelion from Big Daddy... do I have to take all his cards away??? Poor Big Daddy!

Some time this week or next week I am going to do a bit of back to school shopping. First I am going through all the kids clothing cause I feel that I waste too much money on clothing for them and they have loads (and that makes loads of laundry) of clothing. I am embarrassed to admit that my youngest (do to all the hand me downs and new stuff) can't even close her dresser drawers! So I am going to purge, purge, purge ...

Fresh starts all around!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunday is my Monday...

Looks like the rain is coming to the coast next week! So we better get our swimming in and save the house cleaning for the rainy days.

Big Daddy is leaving Sunday morning ... so next week is starting a day early for me. I have so much to fit in today so I don't have to drag all the creeps with me when I do all my running around. However Big Daddy took the oldest child, and the two of them went tool shopping. It is looking like my window of freedom is getting smaller by the minute! I am not a lover of bringing the kids shopping with me.... so I may be shopping very late today.

Enjoy the day.


Friday, August 15, 2008

It's getting hot in here ...

Today is big time pool day! It is gonna be a hot one today and we have 4 adults and 9 kids coming over today ... don't for get to also add my 3 to the pile. Should be one great time. I am sure there will be no water left in the pool, and my grass will not have to been watered til next year (cannon ball city). I love it!

I am going to put up a shade tent for the little ones, move a few things (table with umbrella and extra chairs) toward the back of the yard and get blankets out (picnicking). This is going to be so much fun.

I just saw a show about a young girl (I think 15, if that) had a tummy tuck and breast reduction done ... Um ok. What is going on in this world! She had her chest done cause she thought it made her look fat! Not because her back or shoulders hurt .... is that not .... strange ... WOW!

I have to go and build up my daughters!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who needs friends like that ...

I do not like a few of the people my husband has chosen as so called friends. They do nothing but make fun of him and treat him badly. I am so sick of it and one of them sent me the final straw. Via email this person picked on my husband to me ... like it was funny. Jealousy, that is what their issue is. Plain old jealousy. Big Daddy is such a great guy, he loves to work, we have a great marriage, our kids are crazy great, we have wonderful friendships with other couples ... and well a few of these so called friends ... don't have any of the above.

Why oh why can people just not be happy for others. It just grosses me out!

Ahhhh, ok now I have vented and feeling a bit better. All week we have friends over and we are loving it. The beach day was great... I think we were there over 6 hours. The kids had so much fun and my girlfriend and I spent the entire time laughing. Summer is soooo super fun!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beach baby...

Well, we are off to the lake with friends today. Funny that I live only 10 minutes from the lake ... 10 minutes at most... and I have not been this year at all. Price of gas (a large shiny new truck) and our new pool has kept me home. But I have no regrets. I have saved money and had a wonderful time having friends and family over.

So today we will play Beach baby ... and Wednesday it is back to backyard dwelling!


Monday, August 11, 2008

All of us off and running...

Well hubby is off and running (gotta make the big bucks, or so he says). The kids are blowing up a whale I bought them for the pool ... funny thing we have a pump, but this way they are busy and working together... so who am I to take all their fun away. (and my quiet) Hopefully nobody will pass out!

Mondays always bring my biggest cleaning day... about 1 hour maybe a bit more... I have not timed myself. But then the rest of the week is a quick clean here and a scrub there. Then free time city! (why could I have not been born in to $$$ ... I could so use a cleaning lady/man)

We had such a great weekend with family and friends (thanks for the great dinner L). I did however suck big time at 80's Trivial Pursuit ... and sadly there was no vodka involved. September's game night is gonna be a blast. We are all going camping for Kelley's daughters birthday and game night. This is gonna such a great way to end the summer.

Well better get at the cleaning ... sadly there is no maid to be had here.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy hair could get out of control soon...

Today is a day that I have claimed for myself (well and my daughters). No company, no wild adventures, just life in the HOUSE.

Big Daddy and the oldest should be home around midnight. That is when our real weekend will begin.

Saturday is filled with friends, one is in her first Triathlon and then we all have games nights. So Saturday morning we are going to get up early and cheer on our wonderful friend as she is doing something I will never do (mostly cause I just don't want to and partly cause I think I would DIE). I can't wait!

Sunday will be church, afternoon nap (wink wink) and hanging with our own family. I love Sunday's.

So I think I ticked off my hairdresser. I phoned on Tuesday and cancelled for Saturday as the day is soooo full, I lack in $$$, and I was not 100% on if Big Daddy would be home to care for the gang. Can't hire a sitter if you don't have $$$ and I would rather set my hair on fire then take all the kids with me to get my hair done. And I did not want to cancel on her at the last minute. Anywho back to the story.... so I left a msg with the girl that helps her out and asked that she call me back with a rebook time sometime in the month of August/Sept. Ok it is Friday and there has been no call... um .... ok. I was thinking it was time for a change, I never stay longer then 5 years with a hairdresser. Nothing against them ... I just like change and well a new hairdresser always sees your hair in a different way. So maybe now is the time to jump ship...

Am I the only one like this... is everyone lifers ... or maybe I just have not found the perfect person for me... anyone willing to take on a chick with crazy curly hair that changes colors with the seasons and a commitment phobia for hairdressers????


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun...

Today a bunch of my girlfriends are coming over with their kids and I can't wait. The kids will all swim in the pool and the ladies and I shall sit around the table and shoot the breeze. (and people wonder why I am not chomping at the bit to go back to work

I love all the girlfriends I have. The girls are so different from each other. But that is what I love about all of them. One thing they all have in common is that all the women in my life are strong women. I could not live without my gal pals!

Two of the girls are away this week... and even if we all don't see each other every day I really notice when they are gone. And I miss them. However, Game Night is on Saturday so I will see both of them ... and well kick their butts (80's trivial pursuit anyone). I may even bust out the Vodka...

Off to get ready for the girls! Enjoy your day and put on your flip flops and flip em really loud.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday low down...

Today is an exciting day of hanging in backyard, swimming in the pool and... well not doing much. Sounds perfect to me!

Our oldest went on a trip with Big Daddy, so that leaves just the girls and I. Funny how quiet the house is with one less child. I can't handle the quiet so I invited 2 boys over! LOL , things will be back to the normal level of chaos.

Yesterday we started our new budget (since my hubby will not be getting a pay check til Sept 15th) ... and the "budget" means spend as little as possible. I can not stress how excited I am for September 15th!

Badder Baby is being just that. I giggled cause she was looking for her swimsuit and it was on her body. Well she caught me giggling, and growled at me. I explained to her that we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves when we do something funny ( heck that was on Rolly Polly Olly yesterday... are we not learning anything from this crap TV). Well then she got even angrier and stormed down to her room. Hello Drama queen! Ah... now I will have to go an attend to her attitude that is larger then life.

Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looks like today is gonna be a hot one. So I am going to wear as little as clothing as possible and have a swim in the pool with the kids. (really I will float around the pool while being cannon balled every 3 seconds)

I just can't get over that it is August 5th already! What the heck ... in less then a month the children will all return to school and for the first time EVER in like EVER I will have a bit of time to myself. I have no idea how to live with out chaos! SO, I have managed to pick up a babysitting job for 2.5 days a week. The mom has been bugging me since the little guy was 4 months old, and well now he is over one and I took it (just not ready to deal with being by myself). The should keep me occupied for a bit of the time. The rest I will coffee with the girls, lunch with the girls, coffee some more, clean the house... really I am just gonna wing it. I have no real interest in going back to work after being off for 7 years... I thought I would want my career back after all that time ... since it was so hard to leave (took me 2 yrs to get over leaving my job). Who knows???

Well I am off to swiffer... enjoy your day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hard plastic crap...

The barbie house, barbie motor home and the nasty barbies are blocking me from cleaning my house ... so I must grab coffee, parent from my butt a bit longer, and enjoy looking at the pictures in a magazine (cause I just don't want to work my eyes out today). Why must my life be so hard ....

A bit of everything....

Well thank you, thank you my little friend, for fixing the blogging issues! I had no clue there was a problem... lol. But then again I do not look myself up. LOL.

Today is a holiday here ... but not such a holiday in our house. Big Daddy had to go to work (bummer) and we are chilln in the house. Thanks to that Flylady program I actually want to be in my house. LOL. I never buy into anything ... but have to admit I am hooked. So instead of just trying to ex scape the mess that use to be our house ... I am just doing a quick tidy and then I am going to read a magazine. (kids are being good so I shall take full advantage)

We took the kids mini golfing this weekend. That was so funny. Our kids are soooo super different. One child is a natural at everything she does, one child tries so hard and does well but has to bust his butt, and our baby ... well she does not try at all and then pitches a fit cause she can't get under par. Big Daddy and I spent the entire time trying to hide our fits of giggles from them. Ah cheap entertainment!

This week shall be somewhat relaxed as my brother will be released from the hospital again. However, this time they have things under control (crohns) more. Some new drug ... ah my little brother the lab rat. LOL.