Thursday, February 19, 2009

4am and reseaching how to help when your back is against the wall...

Yesterday was parent/teacher interviews. The girls (party girl and little ms amazing) did amazing as always.... perfect this, perfect that. My son (mr anxious), well he is having a hard time focusing when a project is given to him. Once he gets started he is off and gone... but the getting started is so painful! Poor kid. There is so little help out there for children with high anxiety and the teachers that teach them and the parents that love them.

We have taken courses, he has taken courses... we have brought specialists in. But unless the teacher gets anxiety... I mean gets it. Well, it just makes for a tough time for everyone.

I think this teacher gets it.... but with 27 children in a classroom all with different needs (some more then others) anxiety is gonna be flying no matter what anyone does (unless we fill the day with deep breathing and Yoga ... lol). Then I wonder am I being a bad parent not homeschooling him. The "professionals" say he needs public school.... he needs the social time.... he needs the different sights and noises.

He is such a bright kid... he knows more about stuff then I do. And I am super proud of how hard he works to keep his fears in place. I just wish I had more answers for him and for the teacher. I wish school could the same for him as it is for the girls....

Well I went and ran 3km today and then took an hour long walk with the golden! And now i have typed it... off to celebrate the great kid that only part of his personality has to do with anxiety... it is not who he is.

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imbeingheldhostage said...

I love your ending on this post. You get it.
My oldest-- it was a constant battle with teachers and schools, and then beating myself up wondering what I did wrong. If I could go back, I would've stood up for him more, celebrated who he was more and not let authority figures intimidate me. Some kids just do things differently, I wish I had learned that when he was younger and needed a safe place to land (instead he got an anxious mother who was always trying to please people who we can't even remember their names now).